Jonathan Berkowitz

Chief Innovation Officer

Jonathan Berkowitz

As chief innovation officer, Berkowitz oversees product strategy and innovation for both loanDepot and its sister company, mellohome. He is responsible for cultivating and enhancing each company’s market presence, brand differentiation and innovation across all enterprise consumer platforms and technology touchpoints, as well as acting as a change agent and convergence champion. Additionally, Berkowitz focuses on business growth and scale.

He has more than 20 years’ experience leading enterprise and consumer product strategies for companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to top-line Fortune 50 enterprises. Prior to joining loanDepot, Berkowitz served as chief product officer at Aurea and ESW Capital Company. He also has ties to the real estate industry, having overseen product and strategy at Keller Williams. Berkowitz is widely considered to be a transformative leader and exceptionally skilled product and market strategist.

Berkowitz earned his Bachelor of Science, Information Decision Systems Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, where he also was awarded his Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Public Policy Management.